Sakaja Skips Parliamentary Summon Days After Being Slapped With Ksh 500K Fine

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja alights from a helicopter
Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja alights from a helicopter.
Johnson Sakaja

Members of the Senate Committee on Roads and Transportation are contemplating handing the Nairobi Governor a heftier fine after he skipped their summons for a seventh time.

In a statement on Thursday, Kiambu Senator Karung'o Thang'wa who sits on the committee revealed that the Governor had skipped the summon despite being slapped with a Ksh500,000 fine for past snubs.

He indicated that the Committee had settled on December 7 as the date to deliver the new fine.

"Governor Sakaja once again missed the session, citing being in South Africa as the reason. The committee will reach a decision on Governor Sakaja's conduct on December 7, 2023," stated Thang'wa.

Nyeri Senator Karung'o Thang'wa chairs a Committee session at the Senate on November 29, 2023.
Kiambu Senator Karungo Thang'wa chairs a Committee session at the Senate on November 29, 2023.
Karungo Thang'wa

On Tuesday, the Committee revealed that it first summoned the county boss in November 2022 but he had failed to appear.

A year down the line, the Committee fined him Ksh500,000 which he directed the Governor to draw out of his pocket and not the public coffers.

He further ordered the county boss to cancel the trip he had scheduled to South Africa, but Sakaja flew out anyway.

"I hereby order Nairobi Governor to personally pay Ksh 500,000 from his pocket and not to charge the fine to Nairobi County coffers. The governor should cut short his foreign trip and appear in person before this committee on Thursday, November 30, 2023, at 11 am without fail," directed the Senator.

"Governor Sakaja should furnish the committee with his boarding pass, passport, and Visa to prove that he was out of the country.”

At the same meeting, the Committee waived a Ksh500,000 fine dished out to Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku for skipping an earlier invite.

Lenku appeared before the committee to clarify the subdivision scheme plan of an estate in Kajiado County.

"During the previous meeting, the governor was issued a suspended fine of Ksh. 500,000 for missing the committee's sittings," stated Thang'wa.

However, the fine was waived after the governor provided hospital records proving he was indisposed and unable to attend.

A photo of the Senate entrance
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