Armed Men Open Fire on Thika Road, Dump Prado With Abducted Man Inside

A collage of a prado involved in an accident along Thika Road on December 3,2023
A collage of a Prado involved in an accident along Thika Road on December 3, 2023
Derrick Mbugua

Armed men dumped a Prado at Kahawa Wendani along Thika Road after they were accosted by an online taxi driver who wanted to be compensated for a hit and run. 

Eyewitnesses claimed that the armed men opened fire on Sunday night after the Prado veered off the road and crashed into a rail guard. 

Minutes earlier, while speeding on the highway, the driver hit a taxi that had been parked by the roadside waiting for a client in Juja. The driver then sped off before negotiating with the taxi driver on how to compensate him for the damages he had caused. 

Aggrieved by the matter and presumed arrogance, the taxi driver hit his gas and engaged the Prado in a highway chase from Juja to Kahawa Wendani.

Police officers near the scene of an accident on December 3, 2023
Police officers near the scene of an accident on December 3, 2023
Derrick Mbugua

During the chase, the occupants of the vehicle started to shoot in the air to scare off the taxi driver, who did not comply but instead continued risking his life. 

Amid the loud gunshots, the taxi driver claimed to hear someone inside the Prado screaming for help. Despite driving at top speed, he alleged seeing the victim wearing a white vest. 

His efforts to seek compensation and rescue the victim forced the Prado driver into causing an accident and leaving the car's occupants at the mercy of a surging crowd. 

Reports alleged that the armed occupants, two men and one jumped out of the car and carjacked a boda rider, before using the motorbike as a gateway vehicle. 

They drew their weapons and forced the boda rider to scamper for safety, before the taxi driver could zero down on them, stranded on the highway. 

When some bit of normalcy was restored, residents rushed toward the Prado and found a man believed to be the owner of the vehicle tied up. It was suspected that the armed men had stolen the Prado, kidnapped the man, and used him as a hostage to demand ransom from his family. 

The residents untied him from the boot before police officers arrived at the scene and launched investigations into the accident, kidnapping and hit and run cases. Earlier on, a car seller had reported the Prado and his two colleagues missing. 

According to the businessman, the two men went missing on Friday after driving the Land Cruiser to a potential client for viewing. 

"This business of ours has a dark side - kidnappers and/or carjackers. The relevant authorities have been contacted for action. Please share and repost," the automobile enthusiast requested via his X pages. 

He added that the case was reported at the Kasarani Police Station on Saturday, December 2 at 7.50 pm.

Speaking to on Monday, the businessman confirmed that the abducted man was found safe and sound despite being tied behind the car. The second man was also reported safe, but his whereabouts are still unknown. 

A photo of Kasarani Police Station in Nairobi
The entrance of the Kasarani Police Station in Nairobi.
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