How to Secure Your Car From Auto Theft as Cases Rise

A collage of cars stuck in traffic in Nairobi (left) and a car missing some parts (right)
A collage of cars stuck in traffic in Nairobi (left) and a car missing some parts (right)
Oriop Tengecha

Over the last few months, Kenya has witnessed several auto theft-related cases, which have been on the rise, with various police stations launching investigations that are still ongoing.

Kenyans have reported their cars being stolen including from their own homes, underscoring the urgent necessity to eradicate this form of criminal activity. 

A report released by the National Council of Administration of Justice (NCAJ) in November covering the 2022-2023 Financial Year indicated that 1,666 cars had been reported stolen representing an 18% increase compared to the previous year.

The situation is compounded by the fact that Interpol warns that stolen vehicles are frequently associated with organised crime networks

Cars parked in Nairobi City.
Cars parked in Nairobi City.
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In light of recent developments; takes a look at 5 strategies you can employ to ensure you ensure the safety of your vehicle;

Avoid Areas With High Crime Rates 

Motorists are advised to stick to known routes. Most drivers try to evade traffic, especially in congested parts of a town, which means taking shortcuts into unfamiliar territory. 

However, this is not always the best option as some areas are not safe. This not only poses a danger to the safety of your vehicle but exposes you to security risks as well.

Another trait that will help you as a motorist is being aware of your surroundings.

Ensure you also avoid leaving your vehicle in rough  environments. Avoid neighbourhoods with a large number of idlers, or abandoned buildings.

Install an Anti-theft System

Various reports on theft-related cases observe that thieves are often reluctant to steal cars that can be easily tracked.

Based on this fact, it is wise to ensure your car is equipped with such a system. Insurance companies offer discounted prices which is an option you can explore.

This will give you an extra layer of protection and allow you to concentrate on work and other pressing matters.

Avoid Parking Your Car in Dark Places

Crime thrives in darkness.

The probability of a burglar stealing or breaking into a car if it’s parked in an open well-lit place is low.

As such, motorists are advised to ensure that they park in safe spaces where they can see it themselves or in the event they are not there, other people can spot potential theft and sound the alarm.

Always Lock Doors and Windows

Make sure you double-check that your windows and doors are locked after you have parked your car. 

It is important to keep your doors locked even when driving. 

This is important because cases of  thieves stealing from cars stuck in traffic jams have widely been reported in the past.

Never Resist Attack

There is a common saying in law enforcement. No property is worth your life.

When you come head to head with an armed criminal(s) and you are not in a position to defend yourself, it is not worth risking your life. The only scenario that would justify taking them on is when you are armed and you are confident of taking them on.

If not, its best to protect your life.

Tips to Prevent Auto Theft
A broken car window from an attempted theft case in a parking lot.
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