Kenyans Raise Ksh 320K for Woman With Ksh33,000 Rent Arrear

File image of Kenyans using smartphones
File image of Kenyans using smartphones

Kenyans came together to raise Ksh320,000 in 24 hours for a lady who was struggling to offset Ksh 33,500 rent arrears. 

The contributions culminated from a Facebook post by Philanthropist Ndungu Nyoro on Friday, December 15. 

"This is the amount I have woken up to. My faith is fired up, my soul has found rest. So many messages of encouragement, and support from all over," the woman commented shortly after sharing a message of the total contributions.

The 34-year-old single mother's plight began after she left her house in Nairobi to up-country, to save on rent and other expenditures. However, the relocation drove her into depression as she constantly struggled with suicidal thoughts.

A file image of someone counting Kenyan money
Kenya introduced new currency notes in 2019.
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"I went to bed suicidal and woke up convinced it was my only way out. My life has been crippled with misfortune, one after the other," the lady confessed in the conversations that were doing rounds on Facebook.

What pained her the most was that she was once a stable member of society, who provided for her family while she lived and worked in Nairobi.

However, in 2021, she was diagnosed with cancer, a disease with necessitated her parents to sell all their valuable assets to raise money for her medication. 

The disease resurfaced after a year, further making her financially constrained as she spent more money in her recovery process. 

After she was declared cancer-free, she opted to sire her firstborn son via an alternative pregnancy, a decision that did not sit well with her church since she was still unmarried.

The woman was reportedly ostracised by her church, forcing her to raise her son on her own. However, the burden was too much for her to bear as she even struggled to offset her accumulated rent. 

"I feel like I will be more valuable to my son when am gone than alive. At least people will help him. My life has been full of pain, tears, and loneliness," she stated in one of her conversations a day later.

Following the lumpsum contributions, the woman stated that she was motivated to continue supporting her son rather than giving up. 

"I woke up, looked at my son, and told him we would be fine. Your followers are such amazing people. I promise I will work so hard and pay it forward. I do not take anything for granted," she appreciated. 

A line of highrise rental houses in Nairobi
A line of highrise rental houses in Nairobi.
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