Indian Police Arrest Kenyan Woman Conning Jobseekers on Facebook

A photo of police officers from the Indian Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) during a past operation
A photo of police officers from the Indian Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) during a past operation

A Kenyan woman was arrested in India on Monday for allegedly conning innocent jobseekers seeking employment online.

According to Indian police, as reported by Hindustan Times, the Kenyan woman had been working with a Nigerian national to defraud unsuspecting Indians.

One of the victims, who shared their account with the police revealed that they had been asked to pay Ksh120,200 (69,000 Indian rupees) via Facebook to allow the two suspects to secure a job opportunity for them.

However, when the transaction was completed, the suspects deleted the account.

"The victim complained that a purported Facebook friend has approached him with a job offer," the police stated.

Indian police officers during a patrol.
Indian police officers during a patrol.
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Reportedly, the suspects had developed a tendency to message users on the social media platform promising lucrative jobs in and outside the country.

Once the user was convinced about the job offer, the suspects start asking for money. The suspects typically feign an excuse such as being stuck at the airport which they use as a reason to get the victim to release the funds quickly.

To further sweeten the deal, the suspects promise to reimburse the funds and secure the job promptly. Once they get hold of the cash, they shut down the account and move on to the next victim.

It was however undisclosed the number of jobseekers who had fallen for the ruse by the duo before they were arraigned in court as investigations continued.

During the arrest, police seized several mobile phones for further investigations. The duo will be held in remand for five days.

The suspect is among the numerous Kenyans arrested in India for breaking the law. 

Several Kenyans have been arrested in the Asian country this year, particularly for drug and human trafficking.

Reports from the Indian police indicate that most of the suspects lure their victims with promises of lucrative jobs only for them to be sold to sex and drug trafficking syndicates.

The rate of unemployment in the country is a contributing factor for individuals indulging in criminal activities.

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