Police Arrest and Teargas Demonstrators Outside German Embassy, Nairobi

Scenes at Riverside, Nairobi following a protest on January 25, 2024.
Scenes at Riverside, Nairobi following a protest on January 25, 2024.

Police officers, on Thursday, lobbed teargas to disperse a lobby group protesting outside the German Embassy along Riverside Drive in Westlands, Nairobi. 

The activists, who claimed to be holding a peaceful protest, were suppressed by the police before they were hauled into waiting police vans.

According to the organisers, the protesters gathered to voice their displeasure at the ongoing Israel-Palestine war. They expressed their support for Palestinians in the protest labelled as 'Kenyans4Palestine'. 

"Three activists, Rasha Al-Jundi, Marie Aurelia Sabatte and Nick Selby were arrested and detained at Kileleshwa Police Station," the lobby group,  Kenyans4Palestine shared through its social media platform, X.

A file image of Kenya Police
A file image of Kenya Police Service officers

A section of the protesters carried Palestinian flags, while others had placards with phrases such as 'Free Palestine'. Another section demanded freedom for what they argued were oppressed women.'

Police were yet to release a statement on the arrests and protests. Of particular interest will be their response to activists' claims that they were granted a permit to carry out the protests. 

Earlier, via its pages, the activists claimed that they wrote to Inspector General, Japheth Koome requesting police to provide them with security. 

"Following the above, the coalition has organised a peaceful procession to be held on Thursday, January 25 from 12 pm-2 pm outside the German Embassy which is located at 113 Riverside Drive." 

"The procession will not affect the flow of traffic, nor will it disrupt the individuals going about their day-to-day activities. It will be static, and it will not move from the aforementioned location,"  read part of the police notification.

On October 21, 2023, a lobby group led by Nyali MP Mohammed Ali, condemned the ongoing Israel-Palestine war through protests held in Mombasa. 

However, their protest was carried out peacefully without disruptions or arrests. 

A day later, three individuals were arrested and detained at Muthangari Police Station in Nairobi over holding an illegal gathering to discuss the ongoing war in Gaza, Palestine. 

Nyali MP Mohammed Ali and other protesters in Mombasa.
Nyali MP Mohammed Ali and other protesters in Mombasa.
Mohammed Ali
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