Aisha Jumwa Remarks ODM Has Best Brains in Kenya for Policy Making

President William Ruto chairing a cabinet meeting at State House, Nairobi on December 13, 2023.

Gender Cabinet Secretary (CS) Aisha Jumwa on Saturday, February 10, remarked that the best policymakers in Kenya were from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM). 

The CS, speaking in Busia County, revealed how various government agencies depended on the brains to create operational blueprints. 

Aisha Jumwa remarked that the region should find ways to capitalise on the brains to win top political seats. 

“I was telling James Orengo (Siaya Governor) that most ODM supporters, especially from Nyanza and Busia are the most learned being engineers, lawyers and esteemed professors,” she stated. 

CS Aisha Jumwa speaking in Busia County on February 10, 2023.
Aisha Jumwa

“They are the ones who contribute to everything. If you ask them to create a policy, they do it very well.”

She added that the time was ripe for the region to realise that it was taking the wrong political path which she stated calls for a rethink. 

Jumwa metaphorically noted that if you hit a wall, the only logical way was to change your course of direction.

As such, she requested Nyanza residents to chart a different political path in the 2027 general election. 

“The most qualified doctors, engineers … are from Luo Nyanza. The region boasts of all big brains in Kenya,” she remarked. 

President William Ruto and other members of the Kenya Kwanza administration have repeatedly asked ODM to share their blueprint on how to run the country.

According to Kenya Kwanza, instead of the opposition complaining of the high cost of living, they should offer alternatives to ease the burden on Kenyans. 

Raila in November 2023, remarked that one way to reduce the high cost of living was to reduce taxes levied on Kenyans. 

Additionally, he advised President Ruto to stimulate production as well as cut government expenditure by Ksh500 billion. 

Azimio Leader Raila (Odinga) shakes hands with President William Ruto.