Gang Raids Businessman's Home, Burns Down Businesses, House & Car

The houses razed down by fire in Igembe Central in Meru on Thursday February 22, 2024.
The houses razed down by fire in Igembe Central in Meru on Thursday, February 22, 2024.
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Residents of Kabuitu village in Meru want the police to heighten security in the area after a gang raided a businessman’s home and burnt down all his property on Thursday, February 22. 

The rowdy group torched the trader's house, a car, and two businesses and also destroyed a 40-acre Miraa farm. 

According to local reports, the gang further stole equipment worth millions, killed the security guard and lit the property on fire. 

“They have killed someone, they slashed his neck with a panga, all because of these political wrangles. CS Kindiki needs to act,” one of the residents lamented. 

Officers on duty at a police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2020

The businessman, Moses Lichoro, claimed that he sought help from the police after receiving death threats. Policemen were deployed to guard his house and he also recorded a statement at the police station. 

Nonetheless, the officers were later recalled, with the police station failing to offer him an explanation for the withdrawal. 

“I went to Igembe South to ask for help and I was given two policemen and the OCS. However, our area OCS told them to stay away from my house as this was his area, but he never handled the situation,”  Lichori lamented. 

He argued that the gang took advantage of the security lapse to raid his home, vandalise and burn his property

“I don’t know why the policemen left. Maybe someone told them to leave. Now I have lost property amounting to Ksh50 million," he alleged. 

Police, he added, were also yet to act on the death reports he filed at the police station, thus forcing him to presume that they were working in cahoots with the suspects. 

One of the area residents concurred and accused Meru politicians of planning the attack on the businessman in a well-executed plan. 

“We want the authority to take immediate action on the culprits, followed by those inciting people in this county,” the resident expressed discontent. 

“They are trying to divert the attention and claim its mob justice. This was a well-planned attack by politicians in this area," he added.

Police have yet to release a statement on the incident, with suspects yet to be arrested too.  

A photo of a Nairobi County firefighting truck.
A photo of a Nairobi County firefighting truck.
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