2 Police Officers Arrested for Robbing Al-Shabaab Suspect Ksh 57K & Demanding Bribes

Police Officers Training Guns
Police Officers aiming their guns on protesters in Nairobi on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.
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Two police officers, were on Monday, charged in court after they were accused of robbing a terror suspect Ksh57,000 and demanding an additional Ksh50,000 as bribe. 

The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) arrested the two officers for soliciting a bribe as a condition for releasing the suspect from police custody.

EACC stated that the unidentified suspect, who was detained by the officers in Merti Sub-County within Isiolo, had been arrested over alleged association with the outlawed Al-Shabaab sect.

"The police officers demanded a bribe of Ksh50,000 from a suspect they had arrested and detained for allegedly being a member of the outlawed Al-Shabaab Association as a condition for releasing the suspect," stated EACC.

Al-Shabaab Insurgents
Al-Shabaab Insurgents in Somalia.
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"The police officers, while armed with a rifle, frisked the complainant and robbed him of an additional Ksh 57,000," EACC added. 

The duo was presented before the Isiolo Anti-Corruption Court where they pleaded not guilty to bribery and robbery with violence charges.

They were later released on a cash bail of Ksh300,000 or a surety bond of Ksh500,000 with the case scheduled for hearing on May 27.

The arrest comes as the government intensifies its fight against the militia group which has for years lured Kenyan youth to join its outfit. 

Al Shabaab has launched several campaigns centred around radicalisation while trying to recruit members from Kenya cutting across young boys and girls desperate for cash.

Reports indicate that the militia targets individuals suffering from unemployment and those from poor backgrounds by incentivising them with cash offers upfront.

EACC Fake Certificates Probe

Earlier, the Commission arrested the Ward Administrator for Marsabit Central Halkano Dabasso after accusing him of forging academic certificates. 

The suspect, set to be arraigned before the Isiolo Anti-Corruption Court on Tuesday, was said to have forged a Diploma in Community Development and Social Work purporting it to be a genuine document issued by Thika Institute of Business Studies.

He allegedly used the fake certificate to gain employment at Marsabit County Government where he has been working since 2018.

Debasso was taken into police custody at Isiolo Police Station pending arraignment.

A gun aimed in the air
A gun aimed in the air
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