Police Officer Arrested for Stealing Ksh2 Million From Busia Businessman

A police car pictured along Mombasa Road, Nairobi in August 2022.
A police car pictured along Mombasa Road, Nairobi in August 2022.

Two police officers attached to Busia Police Station on Monday, February 26, were among three people arrested for the alleged theft of Ksh2 million from a nonprofit organisation.

As per a police report acquired by Kenyans.co.ke, detectives were alerted regarding suspicious individuals who had purportedly stolen the amount from a businessman, said to be working at the organisation. 

It was alleged that they intended to convert the money from Kenyan shillings to Ugandan shillings. According to the currency rate as of the time of reporting, Ksh2 million translates to Ush53 million.

While acting on the intel, the officers tracked the individuals and traced them to a local hotel's parking lot in Busia County. They were identified as being inside a blue Subaru.

An Image of a police station.
A police station in Kenya in a photo dated 2021

Moments later, the officers pounced on the men inside the vehicle, ordering them to surrender at will. The occupants were, however, resistant to the move, forcing the cops to call for backup to aid in subduing the four men.

Inside the vehicle, the four men had stashed Ksh500,000 in cash. However, it was not specified whether the remainder of the amount was in cash or the form of mobile money.

Upon receiving backup, the four individuals were apprehended and transported to police custody.

Preliminary investigations revealed that two of the four men were police officers; a police inspector and a corporal.

The vehicle was subsequently towed to the station, and the recovered money was promptly documented.

Authorities conducting the investigation revealed that the funds were linked to a Community-Based Organisation named Women for Women.

Following the incident, a German Couple who claimed to be working for the organisation arrived at Busia Police Station and revealed to the officers that the total amount was supposed to be Ksh2.6 million.

Detectives have since launched investigations to determine the validity of the couple's statement. 

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