Patient Kills Himself While Waiting to See Doctor at Hospital in Nairobi

A police vehicle parked outside a hospital.
A police vehicle parked outside a hospital.

A patient shot himself in the waiting bay of a renowned hospital in Nairobi on Monday evening, February 26. 

Reports that surfaced today indicated that the 72-year-old male patient was driven to the hospital to receive treatment for an undisclosed disease.

However, the patient was informed that the drugs were unavailable. Out of frustration, he pulled out a pistol and shot himself in the chin while inside the car.

Insiders at the hospital told that the incident occurred near the emergency section. 

Suspect Arrested after being shot by colleagues
A recovered firearm

Another source privy to the incident confirmed that police from the Industrial Area Police Station rushed to the scene and processed it before investigations into the case commenced. 

Police ascertained that the patient succumbed to the head injuries sustained in the incident a few moments later. 

They also confirmed that the patient was a licensed gun holder. His firearm was seized for ballistic analysis, while his car was cordoned off for further assessment. 

It was yet to be clear whether the police questioned his driver who was said to have rushed him to the scene.

However, reports indicated that the driver explained that he had contacted the hospital staff who arrived at the scene and were attending to the patient before he succumbed.

Further, it was noted that the deceased had attempted to make calls to unidentified people after he was informed about the unavailability of the drugs at the emergency section. reached out to the hospital which has yet to comment on the incident. Communication personnel at the customer care stated that they were not in a position to respond on behalf of the hospital, and insisted that the authority responsible for exterior communique was unavailable at the moment. 

"The issue is above my paygrade and the person responsible will be available after an hour tops," the customer care desk responded.  

A doctor checking a patient's blood pressure levels
A doctor checking a patient's blood pressure.
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