Reason Why Some Steering Wheels are Flat at the Bottom

A collage of two flat bottom wheels
A collage of two flat bottom wheels
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Cars have been there since 1886 and were invented by Carl Benz from Germany to ease in transportation from one place to another in the shortest time possible.

Over the years, manufacturers have built on Benz's and others' work to improve the vehicle and make it as efficient as it can be.

Currently, electric vehicles are the newest kids on the block. Inventors such as Elon Musk are working to save the environment and create a better version of the early idea of a car.

In the midst of the renovations and improvements to the vehicle, manufacturers have introduced a wheel with a flat bottom. This design serves a useful purpose for the driver.

An Audi with a flat bottom wheel
An Audi with a flat bottom wheel
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This design was introduced by Ford in 2006 and quickly gained popularity in the car industry.

One of the reasons is to give the driver more legroom. This creates space between the wheel and the seat allowing the driver to get in and out easily.

Notably this feature is most useful in race cars which are usually small in size requiring the driver the extra leg room from through the flat bottom wheel.

Another reason for this feature is to inform the driver if the car wheels are properly aligned. While this might appear obvious, manufacturers incorporated the feature to assist drivers.

Furthermore, an additional advantage of this feature is that it enhances the vehicle's aesthetic appeal, giving it a sporty look. As manufacturers refine this feature, the wheel design contributes to the car's overall elegance.

Moreover, this feature distinguishes the vehicle from others on the road.

However, the flat-bottomed wheel also comes with disadvantages. It complicates manoeuvres such as making a three-point turn or navigating narrow roads.

Several brands, including Audi, Volkswagen, Ferrari, and Porsche, have implemented this wheel design in select vehicles.

If you are considering switching to a car with a flat wheel, do a test run to ensure you are comfortable before making the purchase. It is also good to note that this feature mostly comes in sporty vehicles.

An aerial photo of traffic jam along the Thika Super Highway in August 2021.
An aerial photo of a traffic jam along the Thika Super Highway in August 2021.