Govt Refutes Mandatory DNA Tests for Newborns

A collage of Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha and a DNA test kit

The Ministry of Health on Thursday, April 11, refuted claims that the government was rolling out mandatory DNA tests. 

In a post that had gone viral, it had been indicated that henceforth, all newborns would be subjected to a mandatory DNA test. 

Replying to the post, the Ministry of Health announced that it had no plan to roll out such a policy. 

Additionally, members of the public were asked to always verify any information before sharing so as to be part of the solution. 

A photo of sample collected for DNA test.
A sample collected for DNA test.

The now-flagged post had been attributed to Health Cabinet Secretary Susan Nakhumicha who has been subject to online trolling due to the ongoing medics' strike. 

Health CS Nakhumicha also refuted the claims that she had made such a directive. 

The Ministry of Health did not reveal information on whether the person who originally created the post would face consequences. 

While the identity of the person who created the post was hidden, the Ministry of Health's social accounts have been flooded by medics showing their disgruntlement over the current administration. 

The striking medics have been using different methods to agitate for the posting of medical interns as well as clamour for the promotion of doctors.

Currently, DNA in Kenya is only mandatory when solving a crime or during a court-ordered paternity test. 

Other cases where newborns can be subjected to DNA tests include; the prevention of cancer and genetic diseases and the diagnosis of a particular disease. 

DNA tests are conducted in different public hospitals and private institutions including Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH). 

Meru doctors holding demonstrations in March 26, 2024
Meru doctors holding demonstrations on March 26, 2024
Davji Atellah