Please Retrieve My Father's Bible - General Ogolla's Son During Late CDF's Memorial

A picture of Joel Omondi Ogolla speaking during a memorial service for his father, April 20.

Joel Omondi, the son of the late Chief of Defence Forces Francis Ogolla, made an emotional appeal during his father's memorial service on Saturday, urging military inspectors to make every effort to retrieve his father's cherished Bible from the wreckage of the helicopter that crashed tragically.

General Ogolla, who passed away in the helicopter crash on Thursday, was remembered by his son as a humble man of faith, whose steadfast trust in God transcended his illustrious military career.

"Somewhere in that helicopter wreck is his Bible. I am hoping they can retrieve it from the wreck, I would love to keep it as a memento," Omondi expressed during the memorial service.

Reflecting on his father's character, Omondi painted a picture of a man who valued his faith and service over personal accolades and positions of power.

President William Ruto, following General Ogolla's memorial service, April 20.

"As he lays here with his uniform I see they put his medals, his sword and boots, he loved them as tools for the job, but nothing more. He was not under any illusion that he was important after he breathed his last," Omondi remarked.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Omondi shared his father's deep-seated desire for a peaceful and secure nation, calling on soldiers to continue General Ogolla's legacy by confronting bandits and terrorists.

"He told me many times that General Karangi started the war on that side, and I (General Ogolla) will be the one to finish it," Omondi recounted, emphasizing the importance of carrying out his father's orders even in his absence.

Celebrating his father's life, Omondi highlighted that General Ogolla had longed to die defending his country, viewing it as the ultimate honour.

"His biggest wish was for Kenya to be totally secure and free from external influence... He died doing that. There is no greater death for him," Omondi declared.

The late Chief of Defence Forces is scheduled to be laid to rest at his maternal home in Siaya on Sunday in accordance with his wish to be buried 72 hours after his death.

The memorial service was attended by dignitaries including President William Ruto, Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua, Chief Justice Martha Koome, and several Cabinet Secretaries, as well as opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Photo collage of the procession carrying the funeral of CDF Francis Ogolla at Ulinzi Sports Complex on April 20, 2024.
Photo collage of the procession carrying the funeral of CDF Francis Ogolla at Ulinzi Sports Complex on April 20, 2024.


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