Police Commander Explains What Capsized Baringo Boat With Church Members

A boat that has capsized on a lake.
A boat that has capsized on a lake.
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Baringo County Police Commander Julius Kiragu on Sunday revealed that the boat which capsized on Lake Baringo was overloaded.

Speaking to the press while overseeing recovery efforts, the officer further indicated that strong winds had contributed to the tragedy.

He confirmed that one person died while five others were still missing following the tragedy. 

All the occupants were believed to be members of the Revival Church and were travelling from Kampi Samaki to Kokwa Island.

File photo of a capsized boat in the Ocean
A boat capsized in the Indian Ocean.

Kiragu explained that rescue efforts were hindered by the lake's waters which had turned brown following the ongoing heavy rains.

"As you can see the lake for now is dirty (has brown water) and is hindering our efforts to rescue the missing. We have a boat from the coast guards who are doing everything they can in the rescue mission," he stated.

Earlier, witnesses had told the press that the boat experienced some challenges which led to it capsizing.

Baringo Deputy Governor Felix Maiyo also visited the lake and called for speedy action while challenging Kenyans to be extremely careful while crossing the lake.

"The biggest challenge we have had today at the Lake Baringo is that the tides were high and the water was not clear," the DG stated.

"However, we have the Coast guards who are working with our rescue missions here on Lake Baringo to ensure that the bodies are retrieved."

Earlier, five people were reported dead after a boat capsised in Lake Victoria at Aneko Beach, in Migori County.

A majority of the boat accidents occur at Lake Victoria, Lake Baringo, and in the Indian Ocean.

An Island located in Lake Baringo, Baringo County
An Island located in Lake Baringo, Baringo County
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