Auma Accompanies President Obama in his Farewell Speech

  • When US President Barack Obama visited Kenya in 2015, his sister Auma Obama joked that she had become the first Kenyan to ride in the US presidential limousine, popularly know as the ‘beast’.

    The bond between Auma and Barack became more apparent on Tuesday night after the sister to the American President accompanied him in the Air Force One jet as they flew to Chicago for the historic farewell speech.

    President Obama chose to deliver his goodbye message from his hometown of Chicago as he prepares to exit the Presidency on January 20th.

    Among the VIPs who accompanied the 44th President of the United States included: Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill, First lady Michelle Obama, daughter Malia, and his sister Auma.

    The President’s youngest daughter Sasha was not able to attend the historic speech as she was preparing for school examinations.

    The affection between Barack and Auma has been apparent in the sister’s fierce defence of her famous brother.

    In recognition of their sibling love, President Obama has continued to keep her Kenyan sister close, even allowing her to live with his family at the White House.

    Some of the Obama family members, such as Malik, have been critical of their powerful brother accusing him of abandonment.

    Here is a photo of Auma, accompanied by Sasha and a White House staff (courtesy of Getty images):