CJ Mutunga Talks Corruption Levels In Judiciary

  • Chief Justice (CJ) Willy Mutunga has talked about corruption levels facing the Judiciary amid claims of a graft storm surrounding one of the judges of the Supreme Court.

    Mutunga said that there were graft claims facing the Judiciary but admitted that the levels would not exceed those which have been achieved by Parliament.

    "I can confirm the Judiciary will never reach the graft levels achieved by Parliament,” said the Chief Justice," he wrote on his Twitter timeline.

    The CJ addressed the issue as a response to an earlier statement by Majority Leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale  claiming Mutunga had confirmed that the Judiciary was full of graft.

    “Now CJ can confirm that the judiciary and supreme in particular is full of graft,” said Duale in a previous tweet.

    The exchange of words between the two leaders followed an NTV report revealing that a Supreme Court judge had reportedly received a Sh200 Million bribe to influence an election petition case against Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero by Kabete Member of Parliament Ferdinard Waititu.

    In a press statement posted on Twitter, Mutunga confirmed that he would present the allegations to a special sitting by the Judicial Service Committee, which would investigate the matter.

    The verbal fight prompted reactions on social media with each being blamed of supporting corruption by defending their respective institution.

    However, Narc-Kenya leader Martha Karua seemed to support the CJ saying that she had talked about graft in Parliament being high while she was serving in the National Assembly.

    Meanwhile, Justice Philip Tunoi who is in the middle of the bribery claims has come out to blame succession wrangles at the Supreme Court for his woes.

    According to Tunoi, a group of young judges and lawyers had been fighting to push the older ones out in fierce internal wrangles within the Judiciary.

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    Now CJ can confirm that the the judiciary and supreme in particular is full of Graft https://t.co/hzf0PT1W20

    — Hon. Aden Duale (@HonAdenDuale) January 26, 2016

    @HonAdenDuale: I can confirm the Judiciary will never reach the graft levels achieved by Parliament.

    — Dr Willy M Mutunga (@WMutunga) January 26, 2016

    @WMutunga @HonAdenDuale So its a competition? U people should just go and kill yourselves somewhere and we forget we ever had leaders like u

    — Emmanuel michael (@salano254) January 26, 2016

    @AMBabdiNoor @WMutunga @HonAdenDuale @WanjikuRevolt @bonifacemwangi said it in the tenth parliament

    — Martha Karua (@MarthaKarua) January 26, 2016

    @WMutunga @HonAdenDuale Our concerted efforts should be on #ZeroGraft.. It shouldn't be a contest on which arm of the govt "stinks" more..

    — Pray For World Peace (@KenyanProject) January 26, 2016

    @wmutunga @honadenduale was there a competition to see which institution is more corrupt?

    — Tony Kairor (@Piktokip) January 26, 2016

    corruption fight