County OCPD Blames Increased Robbery Cases On Ex Convicts

  • The hope that incarcerating criminals can rehabilitate and reform them to make them better people might just be a delusional notion in Embu County.

    This is after police in the area blamed the increased number of robbery cases in the area on ex convicts.

    Citizen Tv reports that Embu North OCPD James Karisa said that the recent wave of robberies have been stirred by individuals who had been released from prison.

    Karis said that the former prisoners thought to have been reformed after getting out of Embu GK Prison, have been behind the crimes.

    He called on residents to provide information that would help he police catch the criminals.

    At the same time, the OCPD took issue with bar owners for opening their joints too early in the morning.

    He says that the early opening hours of such establishments is encouraging overindulgence in alcohol leading to loss of jobs by many individuals in the area.

    He added that the readily available alcohol has let to many youth in the area taking to the bottle, ending up as bums who turn to criminal activities.

    image of Embu town
    criminal alcohol