Court Bars KRA From Shutting Down Keroche Breweries

  • Operations at Keroche Breweries are ongoing, after the court stopped Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) from closing down the brewery.

    The tax authority had declined to renew the breweries'  excise tax licence for this financial year, accusing Keroche of having incorrectly stated its duty rates while filing returns.

    Keroche moved to court on Wednesday, seeking to have the move to shut it down stopped, citing that KRA was yet to issue it with tax compliance certificates at the time it applied for renewal of the licence.

    The breweries also faulted KRA for allegedly demanding the tax compliance certificates, as the directors and the company are separate entities.

    Justice George Odunga on Thursday ordered KRA not to implement its directive, pending determination of the case.

    He further asked Keroche to file a substantive motion on its request for an excise licence within 14 days.

    The case is set to be heard on September 22.