Court Refuses to Further Adjourn Naivasha Vampire's Case

  • Self confessed cannibal Njoroge Matheri, more known as the 'Naivasha Vampire' who took the media and indeed the country by storm a few years back might end up not being charged.

    This follows a move by Nakuru High Court to give the final and last adjournment for the case where the suspect was to be charged with murder.

    Matheri was arrested in 2008 and two women rescued from his house.

    The mutilated body of a woman was also found buried in a shallow grave in his house.

    Weak and barely able to talk or walk, the two survivors told harrowing tales of the man having drained their blood and drinking it.

    During the hearing of the case in Nakuru, one of the ladies- Esther Akinyi told the court that Matheri had kidnapped both she and Naomi Wanjiru- the second survivor and raped them.

    She further revealed details of how the suspect would drain her blood into a metallic cup and drink it alongside chunks of her flesh.

    From Streets to Affluence

    A Naivasha court sentenced Matheri to four years in prison for kidnapping alone as the police had failed to provide evidence of the alleged rape. This was in 2011.

    While in custody, Matheri spoke to KTN's Investigative series and admitted that he had indeed committed the offenses.

    He claimed that he had been inducted into the cannibalistic lifestyle for what appeared to be ritualistic purposes by a man of cloth.

    The said religious leader Bishop Jeremiah Parangyo had been arrested before Matheri's term in prison, following investigations by detectives.

    He however denied the charges saying the allegations were engineered by his enemies.

    Matheri claimed that the Bishop had taken him and other street boys in, given them a good life before introducing Matheri into the business of kidnapping for blood.

    The Bishop allegedly paid the young man handsomely for bottles of human blood and body parts delivered.

    The money, Matheri said- had enabled him to buy a piece of land, several matatus and live an affluent life.

    Charged With Murder

    Since 2012,the case against Matheri charging him with the murder of Miriam Wairimu on August 29, 2008 at Kihoto area in Naivasha had been adjourned several times.

    He was charged in 2013, before Justice Anyara Emukule.

    The hearing of the case has however not taken place due to several reasons among them; the prosecution not having witnesses in 2013 and not being ready in 2014.

    As such, the hearing for the case has been adjourned severally.

    Yesterday, Wednesday, Justice Maureen Odera said that the court was not going to adjourn the case any further.

    She ordered that the prosecution avails all the witnesses before court on July 21st this year for the case to proceed.

    If the case does not proceed, Matheri might walk free as he has served his first sentence.

    File: Geoffrey Matheri (in cuffs).
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