"Don't Spend Too Much Time on Facebook During Festive Season" Study Warns

Facebook users have been warned against too much browsing during this festive season.

A research study conducted by the University of Copenhagen reported that users who are subjected to photos of seemingly ‘perfect’ families and holidays are more likely to feel miserable than festive.

The study reported that over reliance on social media tools, such as Facebook, has the potential of creating feelings of envy.

According to the study, the feelings of envy occur when a user spends time lurking on other users but has no real person to connect with.

The study had more than 1,000 participants and found that regular use of Facebook lowers the emotional being of a user, as well as their satisfaction with life.

In light of the findings made in the report, social media users were encouraged to take a break from such platforms and to have a good balance between real and virtual relationships.

The study suggests that actively engaging in conversations and connecting with people on social media seems to be a much more positive experience, as opposed to users who use social media to lurk without engaging anyone.

The researchers warned that "unrealistic social comparisons" are the cause of feelings of envy and the subsequent "deterioration of mood".

With approximately five million active users, Facebook is the biggest social media platform in Kenya.

In September this year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg visited the country as part of his company's expansion strategy in Kenya.