Drama as 'Corrupt' Cop is Locked Inside Matatu

  • A dramatic incident occurred on Wednesday morning along the Thika Superhighway, after matatu operators decided to discipline a police officer who was allegedly asking for bribes from one of their own.

    According to witnesses, the officer is reported to have flagged down a matatu belonging to Nazigi Sacco before asking for cash without stating the offence committed by the crew.

    The officer, who is supposedly attached to the Pangani Traffic department, is said to have taken the driver and conductor in circles, refusing to let them go and insisting that they had to part with Sh2,000.

    “He arrested us at 7am and took us around for more than an hour before we parted with Sh2,000. He told me he needed fees for his children whom he said go to a school in Machakos," narrated the conductor of the matatu involved in the incident.

    The crew is then said to have locked the officer in their matatu before mobilizing fellow operators to block the road in protest.

    Sensing that he had been overwhelmed, the traffic cop reportedly dashed out of the vehicle and escaped to avoid the wrath of the surging crowd.

    According to a report by the Star, Pangani traffic boss Jennifer Mutuku said that she had not been informed of the incident but would probe further.