Duale Accused of Propagating Hate Speech

  • Majority leader in the National Assembly Aden Duale could land in trouble after a section of Kenyans called for his arrest.

    Duale was the subject of a heated online debate for the better part of Thursday after an audio clip was shared online showing that he once called for eviction of members of the Kamba community from Garissa Township which he represents.

    In the clip, a speaker believed to be Duale is heard urging for certain people not to be allowed into Garissa as the General Election approaches.

    The speaker vows not to permit outsiders to interfere with the politics of the region amid cheers and claps from the audience.

    The recording was widely shared online, with a hashtag - #ArrestDuale - being created to demand action against the Majority Leader for the supposed utterances.

    Most of those who were calling for his arrest condemned him for allegedly propagating hatred among communities given that he held a senior position in the Jubilee administration.

    It was not immediately established whether the voice heard in the clip belonged to the Garissa Town Member of Parliament or under what context he was supposedly making the controversial remarks.

    When contacted by Kenyans.co.ke for a comment, Duale who was seemingly engaged, promised to call later.

    Here is the clip:

    @HonAdenDuale - Mimi naambia huyo OCPD apatie nyingi askari fukuzeni wakamba kutoka Garissa Township #ArrestDuale @Disembe @Donsarigo pic.twitter.com/2K1xFBi5Kf

    — Abdullahi Musa (@MusaRasmi) January 4, 2017

    Here are the reactions:

    This man @HonAdenDuale. Serikali ya mtu mle mtu imeanza kuhubiri chuki huku ikijifanya kupenda amani kama kisingizio cha uchaguzi. pic.twitter.com/IzDGRfPcF0

    — Mohammed Ali (@MohaJichoPevu) January 5, 2017​​​​​

    Aden Duale must be arrested for hatespeech and advocating for Killings of Kambas Living in Garrisa. #ArrestDuale

    — Basil shuisk!! (@BasilShuiski) January 4, 2017​​​​​

    what @HonAdenDuale is preaching in Garissa county must be stopped. we are not ready for violence @KTNKenya @Maskani254 @Asamoh_ #ArrestDuale

    — Ahmed (@ahmedkanjo88) January 5, 2017​​​​​​

    Everyone has a right to stay any part of kenya n @HonAdenDuale cant dictate who lives in Garissa @Maskani254 @HusseinSalatFly #ArrestDuale

    — Ahmed (@ahmedkanjo88) January 5, 2017

    .@HonAdenDuale till date has refused to name Al Shabaab financiers but continues 2 beat more drums of war with state protection #ArrestDuale

    — Kefah Wesley (@OsiriKefah) January 5, 2017

    I support this  #ArrestDuale@HonAdenDuale is a total burden to Jubilee, he's very arrogant & doesn't have qualities of good leadership.

    — MACHUKS™ (@Machukah) January 5, 2017

    Respect #Kambas they are Kenyans and they have the right to live anywhere in Kenya. Please Kenya police #ArrestDuale

    — Levi Mwanawassa Sr (@mwanawassa) January 5, 2017​​​​​​

    I'm now assured that @HonAdenDuale utterances on justice Odunga was to manipulate him so that he can Spread hate and violence #ArrestDuale

    — Jëmø b@bü (@jemobabu) January 5, 2017

    Why is Nkaisery quiet about the reckless utterances Duale made threatening Kambas living in Garissa. Jubilee must fall. #ArrestDuale

    — Mbula Mutula (@missmutula) January 5, 2017

    Jubilee should stop preaching peace openly yet they support war/hatred within themselves. We won't allow this kind of madness.#ArrestDuale

    — Mbula Mutula (@missmutula) January 5, 2017