Elite Police Officers Who Guard Kenya’s Very Important Personalities (VIPs) Living in Pathetic Conditions

  • By Jared Too on Friday, 21 April 2017 - 10:34am
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  • Elite Police officers who guard Kenya’s Very Important Personalities (VIPs) are living in squalor and absolute nightmare, an exposé has revealed.

    Officers, who accepted to narrate their plight, disclosed that Kenyans think they live well when they are seen in suits guarding or chauffeuring top government officials, Cabinet Secretaries, and MPs.

    The officers lamented that their housing situated between Highrise and Ufunguo estates along Mbagathi Road-Uhuru SGB (Security of Government Buildings), was unbearable.

    “People think we have good lives when they see us dressed in suits accompanying these politicians, but the bitter truth is that our lives are a nightmare,” said the officer.

    He pointed out that they were living in pathetic conditions in metallic triangular shaped structures known as ‘tanks’ with families crammed together.

    The officer added that three to five officers share the ‘tanks’ while those who are married have to contend with sharing the cramped rooms separated by curtains.

    He highlighted that it gets worse as they have to make do with communal bathrooms and toilets shared by the over 500 families each day.

    “Even doing some things in private is difficult because you fear waking up your neighbour or children,” noted an officer.

    The police officers pointed to The Standard that the camp was also unbearable to their female counterparts who lack privacy and sanitary disposal sets in the toilets.

    The officers are mainly drawn from the Administration Police.


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