Foreigner Killed in Mombasa Found Inside a Mattress, 5 Months on

  • The body of a Dutch national who was brutally murdered in Mombasa was recovered on Tuesday, five months after his mysterious killing.

    The remains of Jacobus Van Der Goes were found tucked away in a mattress and hidden inside a septic tank at his Nyali home.

    According to police carrying out the investigations, murder weapons used in the attack were also retrieved from the tank among them a club and hammer.

    Mr Goes, who had retired from working for the Holland Government, lived with his gardener at his Nyali house where he was hacked to death on January 5, 2016.

    The gardener was also arrested amid investigations after it emerged that he had used the deceased's ATM card to withdraw money from Equity Bank in Mombasa and Kericho.

    He was later imprisoned for two-and-a-half years at Shimo la Tewa maximum prison.

    Police also recovered Mr Goes vehicle in Mombasa town after they nabbed two other suspects who reportedly led them to the car.

    The family of the Dutch is now calling on the Kenya Police to take investigations a notch higher after their kinsmen decomposed body was retrieved.

    According to a report by the Star, police believe that the gardener murdered his employer to acquire the wealth including the palatial home, vehicle, cash and other valuables.