Former Street Boy Gets Job at Supreme Court

  • The former street boy who rose to fame after a video of him speaking fluently in English went viral on social media, has been granted an opportunity to work as an Intern at the Supreme Court.

    Following a Monday morning meeting with Chief Justice Willy Mutunga , Morris Mwenda was given a chance to intern at the Court during his school holidays to build a base for his career in the law profession.

    Caretakers of Mwenda, Homeless of Nairobi, broke the news on Facebook expressing their joy in having received a call directly from the CJ inviting them for a closed-door session.

    “Morris has been invited to intern at the Supreme Court during his school holidays, something that the boy was very happy about as he will get to shadow and, as a result, learn from a lot of people in the law society,” the charity group posted.

    After the meeting at Mutunga's office, the boy received a copy of the Constitution which he promised to read carefully in order to enrich his knowledge of the laws governing the country.

    An official from Mutunga's office told that the boy had been invited to visit the court buildings whenever he was free to fulfill his passion of becoming a lawyer.

    Mwenda came into the limelight after he was recorded talking about how street children had been denied opportunity to showcase their talents in a video that touched many Kenyans.

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