'Greedy' Kenyans Storm Dadaab Camp for Food

  • It has emerged that after the government announced the closure of Dadaab refugee camp, some phoney Kenyans have relocated to the complex.

    According to the United Nations, a group of Kenyans has moved to the world's largest camp pretending to be refugees in order to receive free food and other donations.

    “We are aware of Kenyans falsely registering as refugees in order to get free services and food,” said UN refugee agency spokesman Duke Mwancha.

    Mr Mwancha noted that with the new development, it was difficult for the agency to separate the real Somali refugees from the imposters.

    On Monday, the UN agency embarked on a verification exercise aimed at flushing out Kenyans posing as Somali nationals.

    Mr Mwancha expressed hope that within two months, the number of Kenyans living in the camps under false pretence would be known.

    However, he did not specify the cause of action to be taken against the fake refugees from Kenya.

    By June, donors had already released Sh728 Million for the repatriation of refugees and according to the UN, the funds could be motivating Kenyans to take up residence at the Dadaab Complex with the aim of benefiting.