HELB Begins to Pursue Guarantors of Student Loans to Recover Billions from Beneficiaries

  • Anxiety has gripped Kenyans after the Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) announced that it will be pursuing guarantors of student loans in a bid to recover Billions from beneficiaries.

    In a press statement on Tuesday, HELB CEO Charles Ringera divulged that they had written to guarantors reminding them of their legal obligation to ensure the loans are repaid. 

    According to the CEO, the guarantors will be forced to pay for the loans as per the agreement they signed.

    "We are contacting guarantors of those who are not easily accessible, probably living in a foreign country, or those who have failed to pay for more than ten years.

    "The beneficiaries are expected to contact HELB and start paying the loan a year after completing college. In cases where we do not hear from them even after contacting them we are forced to contact the guarantors," Mr Ringera stated. 

    In 2016, HELB stopped the disbursement of funds to students whose parents failed to pay the loan during their time as students.

    Since last year, HELB has been taking drastic measures to ensure they recover the Billions which beneficiaries have declined to pay over the years.