Herders Count Numerous Losses After Wild Animal Attacks Sheep

  • Residents of Limo area in Kapsoya location, Uasin-Gishu County are counting numerous losses after a mysterious predator attacked their sheep, killing 14 and injuring others.

    Armed with makeshift weapons, the residents, with the help of the Kenya Wildife Service (KWS) spent the better part of Sunday morning in search of the animal suspected to be a leopard.

    Their search in the nearby Limo forest was however not fruitful, after their efforts were hampered by the muddy terrain resulting from the heavy rains witnessed in the area.

    According to NTV the animal has the residents in fear, imposing on them a curfew. They are worried that the animal could end up killing them.

    They want the KWS to find the animal immediately and compensate the herders for their losses.

    The area chief Edwin Kibor urged residents to be more careful and limit their movements during the night.


    A farm in Kapsoya, Eldoret