How '42 Brothers' Gang is Terrorizing Residents

A gang known as 42 brothers has been terrorizing residents in Kisumu County for some time now.

The gang which has been reportedly robbing, raping and killing innocent residents, has enjoyed it's freedom in the area for close to one year now.

Residents in Kisumu City are now living in fear, especially since the gang operates during the day without any police involvement in the area. It's alleged that the gang steals from Mpesa outlets and banks during the day, with residents complaining of no police action.

The group that comprises of 42 young men, is also said to be kidnapping people at night.

Two months ago, a man was assaulted by 10 members of the gang. Anthony Obolla, who is a social worker, was attacked as he came from a football training and he is now recuperating in hospital. He was hit from the back and lost consciousness.

He survived the attack and has been in the hospital for a month now, but due to lack of money, his surgery has been halted.

The gang which is also suspected of killing an Mpesa agent and stealing his car, is said to be in possession of an AK-47 riffle.  Police are, however, reported to have arrested a couple of them after a few successful raids.

Inspector General of Police, Joseph Boinnet, visited Kisumu two weeks ago and assured the residents that the police had launched investigations into the matter.

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