Joho Speaks After GSU Officers Blocked Him From Attending Mtongwe Ferry Relaunch Led by Uhuru in Mombasa

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has revealed what transpired between him and police officers after President Uhuru Kenyatta allegedly ordered he be barred from attending the relaunch of Mtongwe Ferry on Monday morning.

Addressing the press, Mr Joho stated that the General Service Unit (GSU) officers, assigned to make sure he does not make his way to the event, stopped him and Kisauni MP Rashid Bedzimba then escorted them to his (Joho) office.

According to Joho, the officers had been instructed to ensure he remains in his office until the President's event was over. He disclosed that the GSU officers told him that President Kenyatta had issued clear instructions that 'he does not want Joho at his function'.

"In fact, they told me to go back home. Then I asked what I would be doing at home. They then brought me to the office. They are out here, they are waiting for Uhuru Kenyatta to leave then they allow me to get out of the office.

"This is evident that Jubilee is using divisive tacts. However, we will not shy away from stating the truth," he said.

The ODM deputy party leader added that after the incident, Mombasa County Commissioner Nelson Marwa contacted him and issued threats.

He further complained about the excessive force used by the police during the operation, stating that some of his supporters were beaten up in the process.

Joho sharply criticised the President for barring him from attending the event highlighting that he ought to respect him as the leader of the County.

"For me, this is what is called backwardness of the highest order. I did not believe actually, I was shocked that GSU can be deployed to prevent me from attending a public function," Joho said.

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