Julie Gichuru Reveals Why She Left Citizen TV

  • Veteran news anchor Julie Gichuru has revealed why she left Citizen TV and settled on KBC Channel 1 as a new platform for her two shows.

    Speaking to NTV's Larry Madowo, Julie said that she was growing old and had various commitments therefore, would not manage to appear regularly on the screens as it was on Citizen TV.

    She said that her programmes; The Great Debaters and African Leadership Dialogues had been moved to the national broadcaster due to their vast growth, which denied her enough time to focus on personal ventures.

    “But for me I kind of feel like nimeanza kuzeeka kidogo (I have started growing a bit old) and the Great Debaters contest is growing. We are doing so much and I needed the room to be able to manoeuvre and do these amazing things,” she explained.

    She further linked the commitments to her new position as a Director at the newly formed Mcheza Betting Company and appointment to the Brand Kenya Parastatal board.

    The former anchor added that it had become 'very difficult to be locked into one channel' owing to her engagements which would not allow her to be regular on air.

    The veteran finally announced that she was planning to launch a new fun and inspirational show since she was tired of covering political issues in her 15 year spell on the screens.

    Two weeks ago, Ms Gichuru announced that her Dialogues show had been moved to KBC where it currently airs every Saturday from 8pm.

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