Kenyan Elected President in US University

  • A Kenyan studying in the United States has put Kenya on the limelight after he was elected President in one of the largest, oldest and famous universities.

    Bradley Opere attained a majority win in the elections at University of North Carolina, where he exceeded the 50-percent threshold set for winners.

    Opere, who was a student at Sunshine Secondary School in Nairobi, got 53-percent of the votes, breaking the trend where a runoff has always happened in the university's elections since 2010.

    The Business and Political Science student revealed that his decision to run for the Presidency was a way for him to overcome his fear.

    “Running for student body president was about reminding myself that one can be anything they want to be. The campaign was centered on a spirit of community that served to remind everyone that the ability to embrace differences precisely what brings people together,” Opere was quoted by the The Daily Voice of the Carolina Review.

    Opere was an elated man when he was announced the new student leader, assuring his fellow students that he would uphold his 'Believe' slogan to bring about change in the community.

    The new President further indicated that he could get an opportunity to visit the White House, should President Barack Obama get word that a Kenyan student was leading one of America’s largest public universities.