KWS Ranger Attacked By Lion Guarding President's Tent In Tsavo

  • A Kenya Wildlife Service ranger had to be rushed to hospital with head injuries after he was attacked by a lion at the Tsavo West National Park along the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

    The ranger identified as Ntukai Nakod by The Standard was among officers guarding the presidential tent the night before the Head of State’s visit to the region to inspect the Standard Gauge Railway.

    Nakod who was rushed to St Joseph Hospital at Ikanga was saved by his colleagues who shot at the lion, scaring it away.

    Taita Taveta police commander Richard Bitonga confirmed the Monday evening incident to The Star and urged residents around the area to be on the lookout for the animals and exercise caution.

    He added that the incident could be signaling a return of the Man-eaters lions of the Tsavo witnessed in 1898.

    The ranger is reported to be recuperating well at the hospital.

    Angry Lion