Last Moments; Convicts Sang Amazing Grace Before Execution

  • Eight men convicted of drug trafficking in Indonesia refused to wear blind folds and sang hymns praising God until their final moment, in what has gone down as one of the world's most unusual executions.

    The eight who include four Africans, two Australians, one Brazilian and one Indonesian seemed to have made peace with their deaths and all joined in singing Amazing Grace, Bless the Lord oh my soul among other hymns until shots ringing out drowned their voices and silenced them for the last time.

    Reporting on the matter, the Sydney Morning Herald, quoted Pastor Karina de Vega, a spiritual counselor who was with the men till their last minute and described the scene as following;
    "They were praising their God. It was breathtaking. This was the first time I witnessed someone so excited to meet their God...They bonded together. Brotherhood. They sang one song after another. Praising God. They sang a few songs together, like in a choir. The non-Christian I believe also sang from his heart. It was such an experience."

    The eight were executed for drug trafficking, despite an international outcry over what many termed as faulty law.

    The bodies were later handed over to waiting family members for burial.


    The firing range where the eight convicts were executed.
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