Mike Sonko Offers Sh500,000 to Police Officer Who Will Kill Land Grabbers in Karen

Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko on Sunday offered a Sh500,000 prize to any police officer who would shoot and kill a group of youth captured on camera destroying a private property in Karen.

In a clip circulated on social media, the armed goons are seen smashing the main gate of the house as the owners of the property record the happenings in fear.

The Nairobi Senator, who was in Mombasa for Jubilee rallies, alerted police officers in Karen area instructing them to shoot and kill the invaders.

He promised to protect any police officer who would be taken to court for following his instructions.

"I'm appealing to any police officers around that area that these goons should be shot dead. In case of any repercussions I will stand surety and give a reward of 500K to any officer who'll shoot & kill any of these shameless goons," Sonko posted on Facebook.

Following the alert, the police arrested the hired youth and detained them at Karen Police Station.

"The goons were apprehended at Wallai Road, Karen just a few minutes ago. All the suspects are currently detained at Karen police station. I'd like to compliment officers from Karen Police for their quick action in arresting the goons who were captured trying to demolish the property," the Senator Mentioned.

Sonko has been at the forefront defending Nairobians whose properties are being invaded. He has also vowed to eradicate the cartel behind the vice.

Here is the video:

Happening right now. Land grabbers in action Karen warai road. They are taking advantage of my absence from Nairobi. pic.twitter.com/CkylwEWcjq

— Mike Sonko (@MikeSonko) March 12, 2017



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