Millie Odhiambo Moves to Court Seeking Anticipatory Bail

  • Mbita Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo on Friday moved to court to seek for anticipatory bail following rampant calls for her arrest and prosecution.

    The MP also sought for orders barring the police from apprehending her or confining her to house arrest over remarks she made against President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday at the National Assembly.

    She disclosed that she had been threatened and was currently undergoing psychological torture.

    Ms Odhiambo, who hurled abusive words against the President while protesting against the introduction of controversial amendments to electoral laws, was widely criticised and accused of disrespecting the Head of State.

    According to the court papers, she maintained that she was just expressing her displeasure with the transaction of business in the Parliament.

    In a rejoinder, Kenyatta on the same evening made fun of Parliament describing it as a house representing democracy where people had a right to abuse him since they were exercising their freedom.

    Later, the Head of State sent a Christmas card to the legislator wishing her and her family a happy festive season.

    In the card, the President noted that it was time to remember the values of compassion, sharing and communion during the festivities.

    “Often, what we see as our differences are only expressions of problems that can be resolved through a commitment to goodwill, peace, love and unity. Let the holidays bring us closer to each other so that we can lighten our burden and brighten our journey,” read the message.

    Leaders from different groups especially women and the clergy urged the lawmaker to apologise, expressing disappointment that a lawmaker could utter such words against the President.

    In Mombasa, women groups took to the streets to protest against Odhiambo's remarks and gave her an ultimatum of 48 hours to issue an apology or face countrywide demonstrations.