Mudavadi Asks Government to Ensure Fair Distribution of ID Cards

  • Amani National Congress (ANC) leader Musalia Mudavadi has sent out a plea to President Uhuru Kenyatta's Jubilee government as the General Election approaches.

    Mudavadi asked the government to ensure that all uncollected Identity Cards (IDs) are delivered to their recipients without favouring any region.

    He called on the Jubilee administration to make sure the exercise is conducted by local administrators in a fair manner, to ensure they reach their owners.

    "There are inherent risks, especially where crime levels are high. What happens if the chiefs carrying the documents are attacked and mugged? The assumption is that the IDs will get to the right people. But there are pros and cons in delivering the documents,” he stated.

    The same was reiterated by a section of ODM leaders who urged the government to make a list of all persons with uncollected cards and share the names at the local level.

    According to the leaders, this process would ensure that all individuals get these documents to enable them register as voters in the ongoing exercise and consequently help them vote in the August 8 polls.

    Led by ODM Secretary for Political Affairs Opiyo Wandayi, they questioned why a directive that chiefs should deliver the documents from Huduma centres to their rightful owners, had only been issued in the Rift Valley region.