Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko Attacks Peter Kenneth Counterparts In Television Interview

  • By Vincent Kejitan on Monday, 20 March 2017 - 3:13pm
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    Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko  Facebook
  • Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko has apologised to Kenyans over the Sunday evening interview on Citizen TV where he proved to be uncontrollable.

    On Monday, Sonko took to Twitter where he apologised for his utterances, noting that he had been provoked by one of his political opponents who allegedly called him a hooligan in public and some politicians who had referred to him as a dog in church.

    "Kama niliwajamisha interview ya jana poleni nilikuwa na hasira my opponent aliniita hooligan in public wenzake wakaniita mbwa ndani ya kanisa, (If I offended you during yesterday's interview, I'm sorry. I was angered by my opponent who called me a hooligan in public and his colleagues who had termed me a dog in church)" he tweeted.

    Sonko, who had been hosted to address various issues including his bid to be the next Nairobi Governor, deviated from the main agenda and instead used the platform to lampoon his political opponents especially former Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth and Lawyer Miguna Miguna.

    The Senator had no kind words for Mr Kenneth whom he accused of corruption, adding that he should be behind bars and had nothing to offer Nairobians.

    Sonko went further to declare that his bitterness and feud with Kenneth was personal.

    "I have a lot of bitterness with this guy. He should have a rally and apologise to me, Mama Ngina Kenyatta, and my wife for the tears we shed," Sonko declared.

    "I am not going to accept Kenneth as my running mate or to be his deputy. Let him feel our pain in 2013 when he did not support President Uhuru Kenyatta."

    Sonko also declared himself the best fit for the seat despite his poor grades in high school, saying he knows how to count money and he would not have a problem interacting with investors.

    He further assured Kenyans that at no point did he forge his certificates and he made his first million before he was 20-years old.

    In a counter reaction, Miguna responded to Sonko’s allegations that he lacked leadership skills by accusing the Nairobi senator of plagiarising his manifesto.

    "The primitive @mikesonko and @PeterKenneth_ have plagiarised my manifesto. But they are too incompetent to articulate its contents. Viva!," tweeted Miguna.

    Miguna also expressed disgust at the media for tolerating Sonko’s antics, terming the interview disgraceful.

    Jubilee Party nominations are set to be quite a showdown after both Sonko and Kenneth declared their interest for the top seat in Nairobi under the party.

    Here is the interview hosted by Citizen TV's Hussein Mohammed   ©   2018   All Rights Reserved