Nakuru Land Grabber Digs Out Dead Bodies

  • An alleged land grabber in Njoro, Nakuru County is accused of digging out dead bodies at a cemetery in order to acquire a three-acre piece of land.

    The private developer -whose name is not mentioned- is reported to be working closely with county officials in the exhumation of bodies, so that he can have full ownership of the land which some of the residents claim is public property.

    More than 200 locals took to the streets to demonstrate the alleged grabbing, with some saying that they had been using that cemetery for a long time.

    However, another group appeared on the streets claiming that the land belonged to the developer. They further claimed that they had evidence to show that the disputed property was indeed owned by the man.

    The two factions clashed in the streets of Njoro sub county, blocking the Njoro-Neissuit Road for close to five hours. Police were called to the scene to disperse the groups.

    Assistant County Commissioner Joseph Kinyanjui, addressed the youth confirming that the police had launched investigations into the matter, and that it would be solved by the Ministry of Lands, Standard Digital reports.

    Mr. Kinyanjui added that the residents should find better ways to resolve conflicts instead of abusing each other in public.