NTSA to Expose Names of Traffic Offenders on Newspapers

  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Monday announced that it will be publishing names of traffic offenders on national newspapers.

    NTSA stated that from next week, it would start exposing names of drivers who will be jumping bail or failing to attend court over minor traffic offences.

    The Authority was forced to make the decision after noticing that most of those found breaking the law and granted cash bail or summons to attend court had been failing to do so.

    According to NTSA Road Safety Director John Muya, some of the offences in question include overlapping, speeding and obstruction. He added that these offences would be published alongside the names of the suspects.

    “We have warrants of arrest for these offenders. We will publish their names, car registration number, traffic offence and where the offence was committed,” he disclosed.

    At the same time, Muya cautioned that the agency had intensified its operations along various roads as the festive season kicks in.

    He added that more efforts would be channelled towards conducting drink-driving tests, speed checks and general inspection to ensure the safety of all road users.

    Meanwhile, a Nairobi motorist on Saturday caused drama along the Thika Superhighway after drawing a gun on police and NTSA officers during an operation.

    The suspect had been requested to blow the breathalyser commonly known as alcoblow but instead turned on the officials with his loaded pistol and threatened to shoot two of them.