NTV Anchor Dann Mwangi Blocks Jubilee Vehicle Almost Hitting Him

  • NTV business anchor and reporter Dann Mwangi on Thursday morning blocked a vehicle belonging to the Jubilee Party that nearly hit his car while disobeying traffic rules.

    Mr Mwangi reported that when he denied the fuel-guzzler an opportunity to flout the rules, the driver of the Jubilee vehicle moved towards him threatening to knock his vehicle.

    "JubileePartyK branded VX tried to overlap; traffic & I didn't allow. Almost hit me deliberately for denying him a chance to break the law,” the journalist reported.

    This comes days after NTV anchor Larry Madowo and human rights activist Boniface Mwangi publicly embarrassed Mwingi West MP Bernard Kitungi for driving against oncoming traffic along Parliament Road.

    The duo confronted the legislator and even recorded the whole scene which was shared online sparking public outrage.

    The clash caused a commotion along the busy road prompting the intervention of a traffic police officer.

    This forced the unidentified MP to take the walk of shame and reverse for some distance in order to join the right side of the road.

    Here are the photos: