NTV's Victoria Rubadiri Issues Warning Over Fake Social Media Accounts

  • NTV news anchor Victoria Rubadiri has sent out a warning message over a group of people who have been conning Kenyans especially on social media.

    The journalist on Friday indicated that some unscrupulous individuals had been soliciting for money in the pretext of acting on her behalf.

    She stated that the fraudsters had formed social media accounts resembling hers and were using them to ask for money from unsuspecting victims.

    “My attention has been drawn to individuals using my name or likeness to solicit for money for various causes that I am not connected to,” she stated.

    Ms Rubadiri clarified that all campaigns she was involved in were listed on her official accounts or would be advertised on a reputable channel cautioning Kenyans to look out for the cons.

    “Please note, anything that I publicly announce or associate with, will be on my official social media accounts. Anything that is not on the social media accounts listed below or endorsed by me on a reputable social media account or website, should be disregarded,” she added.