Ochillo Ayacko and Okoth Obado Declared Winners in Migori ODM Gubernatorial Nominations

  • Confusion has emerged in Migori County after two gubernatorial aspirants in the ongoing ODM nominations were declared winners.

    Former Minister Ochilo Ayacko, who is one of the top contenders in the race, was declared the winner and given a provisional certificate on Wednesday afternoon.

    This came just a few hours after incumbent Governor Okoth Obado also claimed victory, a situation which has caused tension in the region.

    According to the incumbent's camp, Obado garnered 110,142 votes against Ayacko's 59,449.

    On his part, Ayacko claimed to have emerged the winner with a similar margin sparking confusion among the electorate.

    However, the ODM Election Board later nullified the results.

    Mr Ayacko had earlier obtained a court order blocking the announcement of the nomination results in the County claiming that the nominations were not handled in a fair manner.

    The order indicated that the results had been nullified and any further announcement would be unlawful.

    Three ODM returning officers together with their deputies have since resigned from the exercise.