Over 50% of High School Students are Drug Addicts, Report Reveals

  • National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) has raised alarm over the increasing rate of students using drugs, especially those in high schools.

    A shocking report released by the body shows that over half of high school population consists of habitual drug abusers and addicts.

    The drugs used by the teenagers range from alcohol to hard drugs.

    NACADA's chairman John Mututho has said that it is imperative for measures to be put in place, to help the students get access to rehabilitation services.

    He has made an appeal to the government to change NACADA into a control body to curb the situation.

    The report comes barely a week after a group of high school students were arrested for engaging in a sex orgy and drug abuse in a bus, while on their way home from school.

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