Panic as 6 Lions Escape Nairobi National Park

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has issued an alert to residents of Lang'ata after six lions escaped from the National park on Thursday night.

Speaking to, the communication department at the service indicated that officers were on the ground tracking the wild cats on the loose.

KWS Spokesman Paul Udoto revealed that they received reports that two lionesses had been spotted on the road near Lang'ata hospital.

Mr Udoto added they were still unsure of the number of lions that are feared to be roaming in the area.

KWS has urged the public to remain vigilant and avoid provoking the wild animals in case they come into contact with them.

The wild life management has also asked the public to use the hotline 0800 597 000 and 0800 221 5566 if they spot the lions.