PHOTOS: Fake Nairobi Beggar Arrested After 5 Years

  • A man was on Wednesday arrested in Mombasa for pretending to be a beggar in two cities.

    The individual, who was not named by the police, was nabbed in the company of a small child with a badly deformed face claiming that he needed money for the minor's medical bill.

    It is alleged that the man has been collecting money for his own benefit and not for the child's hospital bill.

    The suspect had reportedly been begging in Githurai, Nairobi, for five years together with the child but fled to Mombasa after an incident where locals busted him.

    During the years he has been begging, the man reportedly made no attempts to help the boy.

    At the time of his arrest, the phoney man had a carton with 'donations' from members of the public ranging from Sh5 coins to Sh100 notes.

    The suspect had also narrated the boy's agony on a green manila paper to win sympathy from passersby.

    Other reports indicate that the child, who seems to have been injured in an inferno, might not be his own.

    Here are the photos:

    child arrest suspect