PHOTOS: Foreigners Arrested with Sh112 Billion Fake Notes

  • Police in Nairobi on Monday seized two foreigners in South C Estate who were found with bundles of fake notes stacked in suitcases.

    According to police, the arrest was made after a tip off that some people had been conned over Sh40 Million purportedly in exchange of foreign currency shipped from Syria.

    The duo, Ousman Ibrahim Bako a Cameroonian and Mohammed Sali alias Dr Mustafa a Niger national, were found with fake 693 Million US dollars, fake Euros amounting to 369 Million, money printing machines, money cutters, scanners, five safes, two computers, chemicals, masks and foil paper.

    According to Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet, the two are believed to be; “Kingpins coordinating a Trans National Counterfeit Hard Currency ring aimed at fleecing unsuspecting persons colossal amounts, both within the country and across borders."

    In a statement, Boinnet said that they had received a complaint from the Government of Comoros on individuals manufacturing fake money in Kenya.

    The Inspector General asserted that the practice would not be tolerated.

    Here are the photos: