PHOTOS: Police Officer Moves Kenyans After Doing This to Street Boy

  • An Administrative Police officer has touched the hearts of Kenyans after he was spotted in public helping a street boy along Aga Khan Walk in Nairobi.

    The uncommon scene was highlighted by one Mash Langat on Facebook who was taken aback when he saw the officer walking while advising the boy, as he placed his hand on the child's shoulder.

    “I happened to be crossing over to Jogoo house through Reinsurance Plaza parking lot when all of a sudden, I saw a man in AP uniform from National Police Service, emerging from a supermarket holding a paper bag on left hand while holding a young street boy in a frenzied manner, chatting,” Langat stated.

    Langat narrated that as the two passed near him, he heard the officer telling the boy, 'there is life out of streets and anybody can make it if at all one is determined in life'.

    The officer seemed not to care much about the 'dirty' boy as he held him closely as they chatted away.

    According Langat, the lad who was still sniffing his glue, keenly listened to the AP officer before he was handed goodies purchased for him at the supermarket.

    The rare gesture depicted by the unidentified officer was appreciated by many online, who praised him for the kindness.

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