PHOTOS: Remains of Ivory Burnt by Uhuru

  • Images have emerged online of what remained after the 105 tonnes of ivory and 1.35 tonnes of rhino horns were set on fire at the Nairobi National park last Saturday.

    According to the photos, only ash piles and insignificant remnants lie where huge pyres of ivory stood during the highly publicised event led by President Uhuru Kenyatta joined by other world leaders and Holywood celebrities.

    The torching of the ivory, which had an estimated worth of Sh31 Billion, was a bold move by the Government to emphasize its zero tolerance on poaching.

    Earlier, Pesident Kenyatta was to burn 120 tonnes but spared 15 tonnes from the inferno, over what was termed as purposes of scientific research and posterity.

    The burning which was forseen to last for three days marked the largest consignment ever destroyed globally.

    Here are the photos courtesy of Paras Chandaria Wildlife Photography: